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Grebo – Live Music Review – The Croft 30/06/2012

This was the first time I heard of the band Grebo.

My friend Andy from Cassette Culture asked if I wanted to go and see them, it was some kind of a reunion gig. Sure why not.

Only on the night when I asked a few more questions about the band did I realise what this night meant for a lot of people.

This was a gig to celebrate and surprise Mr H. who, as the singer Ben Hayes’ Dad was the person who drove the band around throughout the years, not only that but he was a crucial part by being a great support. He was really into the music I hear too.

Grebo and Mr H.

Image by: Jessica Holly Hardie

So for his 60th, the band got together and invited all of the people who were part of the scene back then.

As soon as I entered The Croft where the band was playing, I knew that this was quite the exciting and emotional night for them, people who hadn’t seen each other for years greeted one another as if hardly any time had passed.

When Grebo finally started playing I was pleasantly surprised. Their upbeat pop punk was exactly what I hoped for and the type of music I listened to 10 years ago. It evoked the kind of nostalgia in me that shouldn’t exist, as I didn’t know Grebo then but their style of music, the spirit they wanted to get across is something I recognised.

The music was incredible and the whole band could not have looked happier to be back on stage.

Their happiness was very catchy and I realised that I was grinning like a fool for a lengthy period of time. Seeing people sing along and remember the lyrics after all this time was also something that made me particularly happy.

This show reminded me of why I loved going to gigs. The feeling of being part of something great, this is what any band should aim for when playing live. I was bopping to the fast rhythm and wished I had known the band 10 years ago, just so I could feel the same nostalgia everyone else was feeling evidently.

The atmosphere was amazing and I did not find myself thinking about checking my phone, wondering what time it was or whether I’m hungry or not. That is quite the achievement.

Check them out, here are some videos of Grebo on youtube. If you were ever into pop punk in the early 2000s, then this is definitely something you should give a go. They can also be found on spotify.

I am a fan.


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The Deal wit ‘dis

Hello non readers,

This is my introductory post to Aural & Visual.

No doubt in about 10 years time, I will look back to this fondly and reminisce while I sit in my million dollar, yes, $$$ mansion, stroking my Dodo, thinking about the humble way I started my empire.

Yes, this is definitely going to happen.

What the deal is with this:

I am bored.

And when I am bored I destroy or create, like any genius, I get productive or flip.

So, all Rain man style, I will be counting the toothpicks in seconds and then hit ya’ll up with my musings. This primarily will be about cool gigs I went to and cool films I watched. Depending on my bank statement, this will be free gigs and films I have on DVD.

NEVERTHELESS, I hope that my unique and difficult style of writing will somehow manage to find your corneas and you will support my efforts, as I will be supporting the local music scene here in Bristol with my live gig reviews.

Plus, if you are all nice and shit, I will buy you your very own diamond encrusted Dodo in my very rich future.




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