Joshua Banks Live at the Power Lunches – Hackney, London 04/08/2012

It’s only once or twice in your lifetime that you stand and watch an accident unfold in front of your tear-filled eyes while sweating so profusely, you may as well be the sun.

It is also only once or twice in your lifetime that you will see a tiger, a beardy mouse, a dwarf and a vegetarian play a set together. No, this is not some nightmarish version of Winnie the Pooh. It is a Joshua Banks gig.


Image by Lia Schopmeyer

Having had much success at the very first gig at the Stag and Hounds in Bristol earlier this year, Joshua Banks, the exclusive recluse (reclusive?) decided to put on another show, this time in London, this time headlining. The man is going for gold it seems.

But unfortunately, due to his long history of illnesses, of both physical as well as mental nature and the fact that the crowd mostly consisted of former lovers as well as current lovers (awkward), Banks thought it’d be a better idea to give his backing band, namely Andy Price, Gareth Main, Luke Chanelle and the ever so tiny Bitchard James, the stage for 30 mins of glory they probably will never experience again for as long as they live.

The Power Lunches is to you and me a tiny cafe in Hackney, but for the guests it was a haven to gather and exchange many a good tunes, thanks to Steph Main who provided the evening’s second brain blasting musical experience

Good Guy Ant (That’s Mr Anthony Chalmers to you!) organised this gig after his mind was unmistakably blown at the first appearance mentioned above. He had to retreat for a few months, build a pond and recover from what was the most awe-inspiring moment of his life.

And he is not alone. People travelled from as far as Sweden to see this spectacle. Granted, they may have moved to London many years previous to the gig but those petty little details are of no concern to me.

What is of concern though is after a thorough rehearsal, the band took the stage to a raucous applause.

They started with Who is Joshua Banks to ease the crowd in. I have heard this song more times than I care to mention and quite frankly, having been one of the formerly mentioned former lovers of his, I still and will never know for sure who Joshua Banks is.

The Wicker Man – A song about Nicholas Cage. He punched a woman in the face. But unlike Chris Brown, we love him more than ever.

Fashanu’s Smile, so will everyone agree, ended too abruptly, it caused me mild hiccups. With a 10 minute version, it was still only a third of what we all know and love it to be.

Your Face, My Dre – Pride Fest take note, this is not a ballad of love and worship between two men. It is quite frankly sex on stage. At Power Lunches it was, fortunately for us, off stage amidst the crowd who not only looked horrified but also down right pleasure filled.


Image by: Lia Schopmeyer

You can see the sweat pouring from Price’s pores; this was not caused by the temperature in the basement which was good to moderate, occasionally poor, but just by being in the vicinity of his main man Main, who cheekily grabbed a cheek or two.

You have the visual, now enjoy the aural:

Ending with Jesus is Just Alright with Me – a Doobie Brothers cover, it is quite clear to me, a gottesfürchtig German Christian, that Jesus is more than just alright with this version.

What a grandiose second gig. Yesterday it was Bristol, Today it is London, what’s tomorrow? That remains to be seen.

Review by yours truly,


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3 thoughts on “Joshua Banks Live at the Power Lunches – Hackney, London 04/08/2012

  1. Beardymouse says:

    Err, Jesus is Just Alright With Me is a Banks original from his days as a Christian Missionary Hippy back in the 60s. Doobie Brothers is just a famous cover of the track

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