The Deal wit ‘dis

Hello non readers,

This is my introductory post to Aural & Visual.

No doubt in about 10 years time, I will look back to this fondly and reminisce while I sit in my million dollar, yes, $$$ mansion, stroking my Dodo, thinking about the humble way I started my empire.

Yes, this is definitely going to happen.

What the deal is with this:

I am bored.

And when I am bored I destroy or create, like any genius, I get productive or flip.

So, all Rain man style, I will be counting the toothpicks in seconds and then hit ya’ll up with my musings. This primarily will be about cool gigs I went to and cool films I watched. Depending on my bank statement, this will be free gigs and films I have on DVD.

NEVERTHELESS, I hope that my unique and difficult style of writing will somehow manage to find your corneas and you will support my efforts, as I will be supporting the local music scene here in Bristol with my live gig reviews.

Plus, if you are all nice and shit, I will buy you your very own diamond encrusted Dodo in my very rich future.




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